Distressed Antique Style Clavos, 1 Inch Decorative Nails, Vintage Appearance (Various pack sizes)


$ 15.80 $ 20.00


  • High quality construction, very thick heads made of solid steel.   
  • These brand new decorative nails feature a worn, distressed, antiquated surface for a realistic rustic look. A Wild West Hardware exclusive design.
  • Has a natural metal appearance.
  • The sturdy nails are perfectly centered to help you lay out a perfect pattern on your project
  • Nail length approximately 3/4". Head height (protrusion) is 3/8"
  • Used indoors, they will maintain the natural metal appearance for years.  Used outdoors, they will eventually age adding more character.
  • Can be welded on steel gates or doors.

It is recommended that you pre-drill a small pilot hole before hammering these into hardwoods using a rubber mallet. If putting them into softwoods, just hammered them in with a rubber mallet.  The mallet will help prevent the finish from getting damaged.