Round Clavos - 3/4" dia. Lightly Hammered - Matte black (some with faulty finish) Box of 25

Wild West Hardware

$ 11.25 $ 32.25
SKU: CLR750-ZB-BLK-25pack-Faulty


Very cheap price for these clavos.  Some clavos have faulty finish.  You can see some in the assortment shown in picture. Using a small paint brush to touch them up with a flat black paint (or spray paint them) is all you need to do to make them look great.

CLEARANCE SALE on these...while they last!   Includes 25 pieces 
Round Clavos, head measures 3/4" in diameter.
Features a "lightly hammered" look..(nails are centered)
In stock NOW!  These clavos are made of solid steel.
Has sturdy nail stem that is approx. 3/4" in length.
Has matte black finish.

It is recommended that you pre-drill a small pilot hole before hammering these into hardwoods. Use a rubber mallet to hammer them in.. This will help prevent the finish from getting damaged.
Nails are centered...making it easy to pre-drill for desired patterns.