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Economy Clavos - Oil rubbed bronze

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$ 0.89 


Economy Clavos: One of our best looking clavos!    What are clavos?

Made of steel with heavy duty nail welded to underside
Has distressed looking head and a ribbed nail shank for added grip in wood

7 sizes to choose from! Made in USA  
3/4"  .89 ea.
1"     $1.19 ea.
1 1/4"  $1.39 ea.
1 1/2"  $1.59 ea.
2 1/2"   $2.59 ea.
3"        $3.59 ea.
3 1/2"   $3.99 ea.

These clavos are made of steel

The ribbed nail stem averages 3/4" in length and about 1/8" thick.
The finish is a quality plated oil rubbed bronze (near black)
These are sturdy nails, not furniture tacks although they can be used on furniture.

NOTE: It is recommended that you pre-drill a small pilot hole before hammering these into hardwoods (softwoods may not need the pre-drilling). Use a rubber mallet to hammer them in.. This will help prevent the finish from getting damaged.