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Premium Curled Tip Speakeasy Grille - Size: 16" x 20" 6 Bars, Actual Rust finish

Wild West Hardware

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Our best... A Premium Speakeasy Grille 

Made of hand-forged iron using 9/16" x 9/16" bars with medium distressing / hammered surface
High quality construction (riveted and welded underside)
Available in this real rust finish, a living rust that can be sealed to prevent rust from getting on your hands
Includes mounting screws
Total protrusion from surface of door to top of grille, it is approx. 2" high and has a clearance underneath of approx. 7/8"

Our stated grille size will fit an opening that is 4" less in both width and height.  For example, if you purchase a grille that is 12" x 12", it will cover an opening of 8" x 8".  Use this as your guide to making the right choice.