Wild West Hardware

Premium Decorative Nail Head with stainless steel screw- 1 3/4" dia. head- Unfinished

Wild West Hardware

$ 1.25 $ 3.29


Head is a zinc alloy (won't rust)
1 3/4" Dia. Head Size with hammered effect
Unfinished (no coating) 
Can be painted or let tarnish and will get a gray appearance

Screw length is approx. 1"
(has self-tapping stainless steel screw) 

These quality made decorative nail heads are made to endure almost any weather condition.
Typically used on wood doors, gates and overhead doors.
Head is made of a zinc alloy with stainless steel screw fused to underside.
Has older "hammered" or "distressed" look.
Limited quantity...being discontinued

Features / Advantages:

1. Will not rust (avoids rust bleed on wood)

2. Can be removed and re-attached for re-finishing door or gate

3. Great for garage doors where vibrations may loosen nail-in type 

4. Excellent for all weather conditions including, rainy humid regions and coastal areas.

5. Possible use on fiberglass and metal doors



Installation tip for metal, fiberglass or composite doors:
To apply the screw type, you will need to drill a small pilot hole first  (smaller than the diameter of the screw, just as you would in wood), then hand turn them in using a rubber glove to get a good grip on them.  You will also need to apply a small dab of sealant over the pre-drilled pilot hole in order to seal the hole.  (silicone sealer or Liquid Nails are examples).  Be sure to check to see if your warranty may be voided by drilling holes in door.