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4 Best Finishes for Rustic Cabinet Hardware

Rustic cabinet hardware enhances the appeal of any rustic kitchen or bathroom renovation. But with so manyfinishes available, how do you determine which one best fits the distinct rustic style of your home?

In this post, we explore the four best finishes forrustic cabinet hardware to help make your decision easier.

Top 4 Rustic Cabinet Hardware Finishes

1. Black Powder Coat

Ablack powder coat finish is popular for its corrosion resistance and high durability. These qualities provide a consistent color and protect the metal beneath, ensuring the hardware remains a lasting element of the home's decor.

If your home combines modern and rustic aesthetics, black powder coats offer a striking rustic contrast against the white and lighter-colored cabinetry modern homes are known for.

2. Oil Rubbed Bronze

Oil rubbed bronze highlights the warm feel the rustic style is known for. In contrast to polished finishes, oil rubbed bronze offers a subtle sheen that complements cabinets in earthy and lighter tones, making it a perfect addition to rustic farmhouse aesthetics and more contemporary designs.

3. Unfinished Natural Metal

Choosingunfinished hardware allows the natural color and texture of the metal to fully shine. This finish is especially well-suited for rustic cabinet hardware and homes with an industrial aesthetic where showcasing the innate beauty of raw metal is desired.

4. Oxidized Finish

Oxidized finishes result from a controlled oxidation process that ages the metal, creating a patinated surface in shades of dark browns to verdant greens. 

This finish adds a genuine antique feel to rustic cabinet hardware. Each piece has a unique texture and coloration that speaks to the natural aging process, perfect for adding depth and historical character to rustic interiors.

Final Words

With this guide torustic cabinet hardware finishes, you can shopWild West Hardware to purchase high-quality cabinet hardware for your rustic home!