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Floating Shelf Brackets

Modern Cabinet Knobs

Rustic Cabinet Pulls

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Clavos 150 Gate
1 1/2" Premium Round Clavos
Large Twisted Iron Door Pull on a Wooden Door 
Large Twisted Iron Pull - Offset


IB State Washington Door Handle
Arts & Crafts Dummy Hinges
1 5/16" Pyramid Clavos
Old World Door Pull


 Hill Door

18" Dummy Arrow Hinges

 GW from Denton TX Door Handle

16 x 16 Curl Tip Grille

 Front Door Grill

Custom Twisted Iron 16 x 20 Speakeasy Grille


San Diego Gate Hardware


8 x 10 Speakeasy Grille
12" Dummy Arrow Hinges
3/4" Rustic Clavos
Rustic Ring Pull

 Wooden Fence

Even Fido gets a view with
a Speakeasy Grille 


FDL Ring Pulls TS CA Door Handle


 FDL Ring Pulls Closeup TS CA Door Handle

FDL Ring Pulls


P R Calif

Premium Round Hammered Clavos
1 1/4" dia.


Texas Door Handle
 Slimline Dummy Hinges
1 1/4" Premium Clavos


 DH Gate

1 1/8" Premium Round Clavos
Southwester style window grate

 Garage Door

Rustic Ring Pulls
1 1/2" round hammered clavos

Old Hacienda Door Viewer Bpc 


LM Indiana Door Handle


1 1/8" Premium Round Clavos


Shutters D and D S of Texas



Shutters D and D S of Texas Closeup


1" Square Pitted Clavos

 Decorative elements installed on the front and top portion of a property's exterior

St Augustine Grille

 JT Kentucky Door Handle

Speakeasy Grille
Arrow Style Door Knocker
1 1/8" Round Premium Clavos

 Wooden front doors with handles
Speakeasy Grille
Lion Head Door Knocker
1" Square Pyramid Clavos

RK Texas Door Handle

 Florida Door Side

Custom Window Grille and
Side Lite Grilles
2" pyramid Clavos with oil rubbed bronze finish

 California 3-Car Garage Doors

MK of California Door Handle

Premium Round Clavos 1 3/4"
24" Dummy Arrow Hinges

Knotty Alder Door

Tivoli Door Pulls

Knotty Alder Door
Speakeasy Grilles 
1 1/8" Premium Round Hammered Clavos

 JT Kentucky 2 Door Handle


Door Pulls with Decorative Clavos

 Garcia Door Handle

Fish Tail Door Pulls

DJ Door Handle 

Dual side operated slide bolt


Wooden garage doors


2" Round Hammered Clavos 

 Long Door Pulls

Long Door Pulls

 Iron Door Viewer and Speakeasy Grille

 Dark brown wooden gate with ring pull handles

Distressed 4" ring Pulls
Rustic Latch

 Vintage wooden cabinet doors

Jumbo Bridge Pulls

 BK of California Door Handle

 Door Handle

Slimline Style Dummy Hinges
Southwestern Style Iron Door Viewer

 Y W Gate

Bridge Door Pulls
Pyramid Clavos


SPCU1216 Door Handle


12 x 16 Curled Tip Speakeasy Grille
Lion Head Door Knocker

 Wooden garage doors with grill handles

1 3/4" Round Premium Clavos
16" x 16" Speakeasy Grilles


VA Burlingame Door Handle


Mahogany Gates Arrow Ring Pulls Maverick Hinges 
Arrow Style Ring Pulls

 Shyamgate Door Handle


RB Of Door Handle


Old Hacienda Iron Door Viewer
2" round Premium Hammered Clavos
12" Dummy Arrow Hinges in center

RB of Central Texas Door Handle 

 Clavos Latch Gurz

Rustic Latch


Rustic T Door Handle
Rustic cane bolt


Rustic T Door Handle Arts & Crafts Style Ring Pulls
5/8" pyramid Clavos

 The exterior of a residential property

Brown wooden gate with a single handle

1 1/8" Premium Round clavos 

 Gate Hardware
Slimline FDL Dummy Hinges, Fleur di Lis Gate Pulls, 1 1/4" clavos

Shutters with Ponderosa Dummy Hinges LA

 Ponderosa Dummy Hinges on shutters with 1 1/4" premium round clavos (screwed on then covering screw with clavos)

 Mars Cheese Castle

Mars Cheese Castle


PM Of Illinois Door Handle


The front of a home's exterior with glass windows in view 
12" Dummy Arrow Hinges

Garage Door
Door Handle Clavos on a oven hood