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Door Push Plates vs. Kick Plates: What Is The Difference?

When it comes to the final touches on a door, the hardware you choose is not only a matter of function but also an extension of your style and attention to detail. Among the options,door push plates and kick plates stand out for their practicality and aesthetic potential. But which is best for your needs? Let’s find out!

The Difference Between Push Plates and Kick Plates

What Are Push Plates?

Long matte black push plates made from solid forged steel.

Door push plates are a sanitary barrier between countless hands and the door's surface. Typically found on swing doors in commercial settings, these plates also make their way into residential spaces for their sleek look and practicality. 

Made from various materials such as forged iron and steel, door push plates can be a subtle addition or a statement piece.Installing door push plates keeps doors clean and free from fingerprints and prevents the wear and tear that can come from constant pushing, preserving the integrity and finish of the door.

What Are Kick Plates?

On the flip side, kick plates take the brunt of foot traffic. Positioned at the bottom of the door, they are designed to withstand impact from shoes, carts, and anything else that might come in contact with the door at foot level. 

Available in materials like aluminum or stainless steel, kick plates are a smart investment for doors with a lot of use. They're widespread in commercial environments but are equally at home in busy households,protecting the door from scuffs, dents, and even pet scratches.

Key Difference Between Push Plates and Kick Plates

Aztec-style push plates in matte black with textured border.

While both door push plates and kick plates serve to protect and enhance the life of your doors, their applications are quite distinct. Door push plates are typically positioned at an arm's length from the top of the door, providing a clean spot to push the door open. They are best suited for doors that are used frequently but not necessarily subjected to rough treatment at the bottom.

Kick plates, however, are all aboutdurability and protection against lower-level impact. They are ideal for doors that experience a lot of foot traffic, mainly where people might carry heavy items that could damage the door.

Final Words

Wild West Hardware has a high-quality selection ofdoor push plates. Shop our online store to find the best option for you!