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How Rustic Strap Hinges Give Your Home A Classic Look

The rustic cuteness that strap hinges bring out is out of this world. They are a simple but stunning method to improve the aesthetics of your garage entrance, garden gate, or doors and give them an old-world finish.Rustic strap hinges may either be faux for decorative purposes or functional. The classic hinges are created from cast or forged iron that is blended with a black coating to enhance durability.

Strap Hinge

Their exceptional look makes the strap hinges compatible with a wide spectrum of home designs and styles such as Spanish Colonial, American Colonial, French Country, and Tudor. Back in the day, the unique hinges were only utilized in the construction of gates and hanging doors thanks to their firm and sturdy construction.

Moreover, they were expertly handcrafted by metal workers and blacksmiths who created anything from simple iron strips to detailed artistic masterpieces. Generally, rustic strap hinges are not only eye-catching but also come have a nostalgic allure. They are a perfect pick if you are looking for an accessory to give your home some historic character. Read on as we discuss how the epic strap hinges can give your home a classic look.

Dummy Strap Hinges

Also called false strap hinges, these kinds of strap hinges are created solely for decoration. You can use dummy strap hinges to give your cabinet, garage, gate, or door a vintage old-world finish. Moreover, the hinges are available in a wide range of selections from plain colonial heart tips to intricate Gothic designs.

To make the strap hinge look functional, dummy straps are often paired with a typical butt hinge that is perfectly mounted close to a hinge barrel. You can achieve a look that is more authentic by matching the hinge with a black finish.

Dummy Strap Hinges

Full Surface Rustic Strap Hinges

The full-surface strap door hinge incorporates an exceptional design where the surface of the strap and the surface of the hinge leaves are visible. Surface strap hinges are mostly used for decorative purposes but can also be applied in other areas. Their vertical symmetry makes surface hinges ideal for left or right-handed doors. For proper installation, you need to ensure that the gate post or door casing is flush with the door surface. The hinges are available in different varieties including the acorn tip full, fleur-de-lis, and the gothic style full strap hinge.

Half Surface Rustic Strap Hinges

Half-surface rustic strap hinges are crafted to offer two mounting alternatives making them perfect for a wide range of applications. They come in a rectangular leaf that can be mounted on the surface of the door post or door casing. Additionally, you can mortise the hinge’s rectangular leaf into the jamb of the door. On the same note, the strap hinge includes detachable hinge pins with a reversible leaf to be suitable for doors that are left or right-handed doors.

There are numerous types of rustic strap hinges that you can use to enhance the make your home appealing and give it a vintage look. The application of the rustic strap hinges is not limited to only doors and gates, you can also incorporate them in designing classic windows, and cabinets among other things.