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How to Use Barn Door Flush Pulls in Different Interior Design Styles

While door hardware may seem insignificant, it's an important factor in determining the aesthetic style of your home.Barn door flush pulls, in particular, are a subtle yet significant element that can enhance the functionality and aesthetic of any room. These sleek hardware pieces are not just about utility; they can also be a statement in your interior design. In this post, we'll explore how barn door flush pulls can be incorporated into various interior styles, elevating the overall look and feel of your space.

What Are Barn Door Flush Pulls?


A black steel pull barn door handle on a light wooden door.


Barn door flush pulls arebarn door hardware that sits flush against the door surface, creating a clean and discreet look. Unlike traditionaldoorknobs or lever handles, flush pulls are designed to slide your fingers into a recess to pull the door open or push it closed. This design is handy for barn doors, which slide along a track rather than swinging open on hinges. The flush design ensures the door can slide freely without any protruding hardware to catch on the wall or frame.

How Do Barn Door Flush Pulls Work? 

A cavity is created in the door, into which the flush pull is installed. This allows the pull to sit seamlessly with the door's surface. When you need to use the door, you simply press on the edge of the pull, which typically has a lip for grip, and pull the door towards you. It's an elegant solution that combines form with function, keeping the door's surface smooth and uninterrupted.

How to Use Barn Door Flush Pulls in Different Interior Styles

Rustic and Farmhouse Interiors


4 rustic barn door flush pulls in satin nickel, matte bronze, black, and oxidized.


Rustic and farmhouse interiors embrace a warm, homey feel, often featuring natural wood and a handcrafted vibe. Barn door flush pulls in a bronze or black iron finish can add to the charm of arustic style barn door, providing a touch of authenticity and rugged beauty that complements the natural textures and earthy tones of this style.

Industrial Chic Interiors

A black barn door flush pull in a sleek modern style.

The industrial chic style is all about raw, unfinished materials and a sense of urban cool. Barn door flush pulls featuring a matte black finish or a burnished metal can enhance the industrial look. The hardware should feel substantial and sturdy, echoing the robustness of industrial design elements.

Modern and Minimalist Interiors

In modern and minimalist interiors, where the mantra is "less is more," barn door flush pulls are the perfect hardware choice. When using barn doors in modern spaces, opt for pulls with a steel finish and clean lines to maintain the sleek and understated look of the space. The hardware should be functional without drawing too much attention, allowing the simplicity of the design to take center stage.

Traditional and Classic Interiors

For those who favor a more traditional or classic aesthetic, barn door flush pulls offer a chance to incorporate elegance with functionality.Choose barn door hardware with an antique brass finish or ornate detailing to add a touch of sophistication. While traditional interiors might favor more decorative elements, the flush pulls should still maintain the clean lines that allow the door to function smoothly.

Final Words

Barn door flush pulls are more than just a functional component of your door; they're an integral part of your interior design.Shop Wild West Hardware and find the right style and finish for your home's barn doors.