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Rustic Garage Door Hardware: The Appeal of Garage Door Straps

Transforming your home's facade often begins with the smallest details, and when it comes to creating an inviting, timeless look, rustic garage door hardware, especiallygarage door straps, plays a pivotal role. This blog post offers a complete style guide for rustic hardware and how it can improveyour home’s curb appeal.

What is Rustic Garage Door Hardware?

Rustic garage door hardware refers to the decorative and functional elements used on garage doors that evoke a traditional, old-world feel. This style emphasizes a rugged, natural look with aged orhandcrafted materials, like wrought iron and steel.

Rustic garage door hardware includes various components, like garage door straps. 

What Are Garage Door Straps?


Forged iron garage door straps


Garage door straps are long, narrow pieces of metal typically attached to a garage door's exterior. Their original purpose was structural: to provide additional support and stability to the door, ensuring it remains aligned and secure during operation.

Today, garage door straps serve a dual purpose. Initially designed for structural support, these straps have evolved into decorative elements that add textural contrast and an artisanal appeal to your home’s exterior design.

Pairing Garage Door Straps With Other Rustic Garage Door Hardware

The key to successfully pairing garage door straps with other hardware is to aim for a cohesive look. This doesn’t necessarily mean everything has to match perfectly, but the elements should complement each other.

Popular rustic garage door hardware and accessories include:

Be sure to also consider the design, material, and finish of your straps when selecting additional hardware. 

Materials and Finishes: Choosing the Right Look for Your Rustic Garage Door Hardware

Materials: Durability Meets Style

The most common materials used in rustic garage door hardware are wrought iron and steel.

  • Wrought Iron: Known for its strength and classic appearance, wrought iron is a traditional choice for rustic hardware. Wrought iron is hand-forged, so it’s perfect for intricate designs, resulting in a completely unique product.
  • Steel: Steel is a more modern alternative known for its durability and resistance to wear. It’s less likely to bend or warp over time and can handle extreme weather conditions well. Steel hardware can be finished in various ways to mimic the look of wrought iron or other metals.

Finishes: The Final Touch

The finish of your hardware not only contributes to its longevity but also its appearance. Some popular finishes for rustic garage door hardware include:

  • Powder Coating: This finish is known for its durability and resistance to chipping, scratching, and fading that comes with harsh weather.

  • Antique or Distressed: For those seeking a truly rustic look, antique or distressed finishes can give new hardware an aged appearance.
    Iron garage door straps with black powder coat finish
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze: This chemically darkened finish simulates aged bronze, perfect for a rustic and elegant look. This finish is also resistant to fingerprints and smudges, ideal for high-traffic garage doors.

Harmonizing Material and Finish with Your Home’s Style

When choosing the material and finish for your garage door hardware, consider how it will complementyour home’s overall style and color scheme. Wrought iron with an antique finish might be the perfect choice for a traditional or historic home. For more modern homes, steel with a sleek powder coating could provide a contemporary twist to the rustic look.

Final Words

Shop Wild West Hardware for rustic garage door hardware and incorporate wrought iron garage door straps, antique finishes, and complementary accessories to transform your ordinary garage door into an artistic statement that reflects your home's timeless charm.