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The Ultimate Guide to Types and Uses of Gate Hardware

A gate is essential to your property's overall appearance and security, and purchasing the proper gate hardware ensures that your gate will remain secure, operate smoothly, and fit the style of your home. 

Understanding the types ofgate hardware available and their specific uses is essential for making an informed purchase.

At Wild West Hardware, we are a trusted source for gate hardware, providing high-quality products and expert customer support. We’ve compiled a list of the types and uses of gate hardware, plus maintenance tips, for the ultimate guide to gate hardware.

Choosing the Right Gate Hardware

When selecting gate hardware, consider gate material, weight, size, desired functionality, and security requirements. 

Ensure the chosen hardware is compatible with your gate and provides the necessary support and security. 

Then consider your property's overall design to select hardware that complements the existing style.

The location of your home is also important for choosing the right gate hardware.

If you live in coastal areas, you will face unique challenges due to high moisture levels and salt in the air. 

When selecting gate hardware for coastal regions, prioritize materials resistant to corrosion, such as stainless steel or galvanized hardware.

Types of Gate Hardware

Gate Hinges

Gate hinges are the backbone of any gate. They provide support and stability and allow the gate to open and close. 

There are several gate hinges offered on Wild West Hardware’s website, including:

  • Faux hinges, or dummy hinges, are decorative. They are installed on existing hinges and do not serve a functional purpose.

  • Spring hinges, or self-closing hinges, provide a reliable convenience factor by automatically closing and securing your gate.

  • Strap hinges are installed on bi-folding gates and are preferred for creating a classic, rustic look.
  • T hinges are used in addition to strap hinges, and they connect your bi-folding gate to their respective posts.

Gate Latches and Locks

Gate latches and locks are crucial for securing your gate. 

They come in various styles, such as:

  • Cabin hooks include mounting plates, with one featuring a hook that is slotted into the other mounting plate when closed.

  • Cane bolts, or drop bolts, can be placed on your gate horizontally or vertically. They are sturdy and offer a traditional appearance.
  • Rustic hasps are hinges that are slotted closed, then padlocked for security.
  • Slide bolts are similar in use and style to cane bolts, except they can only be placed horizontally.

Depending on your security needs and the type of gate, you can choose a latch or lock that offers both convenience and reliability.

Gate Handles and Pulls

Gate handles and pulls are functional and add a decorative touch to your gate. 

They make opening and closing the gate easier, especially for heavy or oversized gates. 

Wild West Hardware has one of the most expansive gate handles and pulls inventories online, with more than 115 options to choose from.

Our handles and pulls come in styles ranging from rustic to Tuscan and Old World.  


Choose handles and pulls that are durable, weather-resistant, and complement the overall aesthetic of your gate.

Gate Stops

Gate stops are installed to prevent the gate from swinging too far or hitting a wall or fence. They help protect the gate and surrounding structures from damage. 

Gate stops from Wild West Hardware are designed from forged iron and coated in a black powder finish to ensure durability.

Choosing gate stops that are sturdy, durable, and compatible with your gate material and design is essential.

Avoiding weaker materials like cast iron when purchasing gate stops is crucial.

Uses of Gate Hardware

Using Gate Hardware for Security

Gate hardware can significantly enhance the security of your property. 

In addition to high-quality locks and latches, explore additional security features such as keypad entry systems, intercoms, or video surveillance cameras that can be integrated with your gate hardware. 

Consult a security professional to assess and improve your gate's security measures based on your needs.

Using Gate Hardware for Aesthetics

Gate decorative accessories add a touch of style and personality to your gate. 

From decorativepulls and knockers towindow grilles,shields, andclavos, these accessories can transform a simple gate into a focal point of your property. 


Choose accessories that complement your gate design and overall aesthetic. 

Consider the material and finish of the accessories to ensure they are durable and able to withstand outdoor conditions.

Tips for How to Install Gate Hardware

Proper installation of gate hardware is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. 

Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully and use the recommended tools and techniques.Contact Wild West Hardware or consult a professional handyperson for assistance if you need clarification. 

Consider factors such as alignment, clearance, and durability during installation. Ensure that all hardware is securely fastened and adjusted to avoid any issues with gate operation.

Tips for Maintaining Gate Hardware

Regular maintenance and care are essential for keeping your gate hardware in optimal condition. 

  • Clean the hardware regularly.
  • Lubricate moving parts.
  • Check for any signs of wear or damage. 
  • Make necessary repairs or replacements promptly to avoid further complications. 

For wooden gates, apply a protective finish to prevent rotting or warping. 

For metal gates, consider periodic inspections for rust and corrosion.

Final Words

Gate hardware is the foundation of a well-functioning and secure gate. By understanding the types and uses of gate hardware available, you can make informed decisions when selecting and installing hardware for your gates. 

Remember to prioritize functionality, security, and aesthetics to create gates that provide safety and enhance your property's overall appeal.

Contact Wild West Hardware with any questions, and browse our website for the best gate hardware on the market.


1. Can gate hardware be installed on existing gates, or is it only suitable for new installations?

Gate hardware can be installed on both existing gates and new gates. 

However, when retrofitting hardware onto an existing gate, it's important to ensure compatibility and make necessary adjustments or reinforcements to support the new hardware. 

Consulting with a professional can help determine the feasibility of retrofitting gate hardware on your existing gate.

2. What safety considerations should I keep in mind when installing gate hardware?

Safety is paramount when installing gate hardware. 

Ensure all hardware is securely fastened and adjusted to prevent accidents or gate malfunctions. 

Consider installing safety mechanisms, such as self-closing hinges or childproof locks, if you have children or pets to ensure their well-being and prevent unauthorized access.