Bevel Head Screw #12 x 1 1/2" Black Phosphate finish 10 pack


$ 7.10 


Unique BEVEL Head Wood Screws, Black Phosphate finish (better than black oxide finish)
These screws have black phosphate finish and are one of the best rust resistant finishes available.
Featuring a slotted drive that goes well with most rustic or period projects.

Great for restoration projects!  Long lasting non-rusting properties!

NOTE: These are not the same as our Rustic Pyramid Head Wood screws.  These do not have the distinct hammered look but are similar.

Head Diameter:  approx. (.445) inches
Head Thickness: approx. (.205) inches

This is for a package of 10 screws

5 stars – Don't Settle for Less
“This is not the cheap knockoff "rustic" hardware that fills the search results. These are great, authentic pieces that take each piece I build to another level. Glad to see a company still producing quality products.” (verified buyer)

5 stars – As advertised
 “Nice looking screws for any furniture you are trying to make look old.” (verified buyer)

5 stars – Heavy duty
 “These screws added the perfect touch to my sign project. They are heavy duty and look like new old stock hardware. I'll be using these more often on different projects.” (verified buyer)

5 stars – A more finished look
 “We used these screws to mount a wrought iron shelf on the wall in our living room; we wanted something more rustic looking, and these look much more like old-fashioned handmade fasteners, which was just the look we were going for.”

5 stars – Authentic Looking
 “Took on this project wondering how to make it as authentic as possible, then I found these rustic wood screws that was just what I needed to complete this project. Looks great.” (verified buyer)

5 stars – Heavy duty screws with an antique look
 “We replaced the #8 screws supplied with some heavy wrought iron hinges with these #12 and they are more capable of supporting the weight of a inch and three quarter hardwood exterior door.” 

4 stars – Decorative but require pre drilling
 “Decorative screws. Required significant pre drilling.” (verified buyer)

5 stars – Worked!
 “Worked just great for for my last project. Would certainly use again.” )verified buyer)

5 stars – Black screws - the right item for the job.
 “Perfect for the job.” (verified buyer)

5 stars – The look you need to add character to a project!
 “All good! The screws age a barn door effectively and properly” (verified buyer)