Solid Copper Nails, Clavos 1 1/2" diameter head with 3/4" nail length (penetration depth)

Wild West Hardware

$ 3.75 


These high quality solid copper nails are made by hand with a hammered head and solid copper nail shank brazed to the underside of the head. Great for all sorts of applications including nailing copper sheeting to wood, range hoods, decorative applications, etc. Since these are completely solid copper, there is no metal reaction when applied directly to copper sheeting
Developing natural patina (oxidation) is present and continues its process on these pieces.  You can see this in some the pictures we show.  Some people prefer this look.  You can also preserve the reddish copper look by buffing (using steel wool) the surface and then clear coat it.

Please note: You will need to pre-drill a small pilot hole before hammering these in, since the nail stem is solid copper and is softer than iron nails.

Sold individually.