Premium Square Flat Clavos with pitted distressed look

Wild West Hardware

$ 1.69 
Premium Square Flat Clavos, Oil rubbed bronze finish, Zinc Alloy Head (won't rust)

with a "pitted / distressed" look. Resembles old bolt head

Great for covering up recessed screw heads to give decorative effect of an old bolt head

(1" size and larger is recommended, depending on screw head size you are covering)

Nails are centered for pre-drilling and aligning desired patterns
The clavos heads are made of a zinc alloy and will not rust (prevents rust bleeds on wood)
The steel nail stem averages 3/4" in length and about 1/8" thick.
The finish is a plated oil rubbed bronze.

These are high quality nails, not furniture tacks although they can be used on furniture.

NOTE: It is recommended that you pre-drill a small pilot hole before hammering these into hardwoods (softwoods may not need the pre-drilling). Use a rubber mallet to hammer them in.. This will help prevent the finish from getting damaged.

5 sizes to choose from:

1/2"  $1.69 ea. 
3/4"  $1.79 ea.
1"  $2.29 ea.
1 3/16"  $2.49 ea.
1 3/8"  $3.99 ea. (shown below)