Small Round Hammered Clavos - 7/16" dia., Matte Bronze powder coat finish (25 pack)


$ 20.90 
SKU: BR-CLR4375-ZB-MB-25pack


Our smallest premium clavos...
This is for 25 pieces
Round Clavos, head measures 7/16" in diameter.
Features a "hammered" look
In stock NOW!  These clavos heads are made of solid brass.
Solid brass is excellent for outdoor or indoor use
Has Matte Bronze Powder Coat finish.
Nail length is 9/16" 
Perfect for applications where wood thickness is 3/4" thick (cabinets etc.)
Easy installation:
Pre-drill and tap in with hammer (can also be hammered into soft woods without pre-drilling) 

It is recommended that you pre-drill a small pilot hole before hammering these into hardwoods. Use a rubber mallet to hammer them in.. This will help prevent the finish from getting damaged.
Nails are centered...making it easy to pre-drill for desired patterns