Premium Flat Tipped Speakeasy Grille - Size: 16" x 20" 6 Bars, Black Powder Coat finish


$ 178.45 
SKU: M-SPFL1620-bpc


Our best... A Premium Speakeasy Grille 
Solid Hand-Forged Iron, completely hand-made by a skilled blacksmith

Material is hand-forged iron using substantial 9/16" x 9/16" bars with our unique medium distressing / hammered surface    

High quality construction (riveted and welded underside) 
Available in Black Powder Coat finish
Includes matching wood screws
Covers up to 12" x 16" opening
Distance between screw holes is approx. 16" x 20" center to center
Tip to tip dimensions (approx.) 17" x 21"
Total protrusion from surface of door to top of grille, it is approx. 2" high and has a clearance underneath of approx. 7/8"

Our stated grille size will fit an opening that is 4" less in both width and height.  For example, if you purchase a grille that is 12" x 12", it will cover an opening of 8" x 8".  Use this as your guide to making the right choice.