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Thumb Gate Latch Installation Help

 The following instructions are only a guide to help you understand the basic installation.  All thumb gate latch installations will differ slightly 


  1. Mount the handle on the hall side of the door. 
  2. Mount the latch bar on the room side of the door.
  3. Mount the keeper to the door casing (door jamb).
  • Cut a small slot for the thumb-piece to pass through just enough to lift the latch bar (around ½”). Slide the thumb--piece through the slot you and make sure it moves freely.
  • Mark the holes for mounting the handle with a pencil. Pre-drill so you don't split the wood.
  • Attach the handle to the door using the six wood screws provided. Make sure the thumb-piece still operates freely.
  • Position the latch bar so it is resting on top of the thumb-piece protruding from the door.
    Note: Make sure the latch bar is sitting level.
  • Attach bar to door with wood screw.
  • Mark position for staple about half way between thumb-piece and end of bar.
  • Pre-drill holes for staple.
  • Hammer staple into door making sure that the latch bar will still move up and down freely.
    Note : Ensure that you do not scratch the paint on keeper by wrapping an old tower or piece of heavy cloth around a block of wood.
  • Raise the latch bar
  • Position the keeper on the door casing so the latch bar just clears the top of the keeper. Mark with pencil.
  • Pre-drill a hole to avoid splitting of wood.     
  • Carefully hammer the keeper into the door casing using a block of wood so you don't mark the paint. Also attach the keeper to door casing with a wood screw.


Thumb Latch Set Installed: