Mega Distressed Surface Slide Bolt or Cane Bolt


$ 152.95 


This is a unique very large and heavy duty type bolt.  A well made surface slide bolt.
Designed to be used in any position: top of door, bottom of door as a cane bolt or horizontal applications
Will lock in all positions (see locking pin and locking tabs in picture)
1" diameter x 20" bolt with 6" throw
Back plate measures 2" x 14" and is 3/16" thick
Choose either 2" x 3" Double Eyelet (for flush surface mount)  or Jamb Strike Plate (for inserting bolt into jamb)
1/4" holes with countersink
Hand-made, forged iron, hammered / distressed with "fish tail" handle
Mounting screws included
Available in Unfinished, Oxidized (rust) or Black

Weighs approx. 8 pounds
Typically for large doors, gates or barn doors, etc