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Black Barn Door Handles - Largest Selection on the Internet

Barn door handles are gaining more and more popularity with each passing day.  If you take a look around at most urban spaces these days, you will notice that quite a lot of them have started to use barn door handles, especially black barn door handles.  Many designers and builders claim that barn doors are an excellent choice for spaces that do not have sufficient clearance for standard hinged doors. They also claim that these door handles are perfect for doorways that have unusually wide openings.

You will find that barn door hardware is available in various styles.  They come in many themes including Rustic, Modern, Tuscan and Old World. Some have a very rustic and rugged appearance to them as well. Black barn door hardware, in particular, is quite popular among urban users.  If you happen to be a designer or builder who is looking to get black exterior barn door pulls, you should ensure that its’ length is suitable with the door size.

It does not matter where you are going, wherever you are, you probably have to pass through one door at least.  It is an interesting observation when you think that there isn’t a single day that passes in which we do not close or open a door.  A specific example of a common door that you most likely come across is called the barn door.  As mentioned earlier, this particular door type has become common in in many homes and businesses these days.

A common reason why people prefer to install barn doors is because of their ease of use and unparalleled simplicity.  In addition, their installation process is relatively simple as well.  Sometimes however, coming across a suitable hardware kit for yourself and your home can be quite challenging and complicated.  This is because of the endless specifications and variables available for the doors.  However, there is no need to worry as Wild West Hardware has a wide collection of black barn door handles that will make things easier for you.

Black is a color that goes well with almost anything. It is a big reason why black barn exterior barn door handles are in so much demand.  It improves the overall aesthetic of the barn does and adds to the overall visual appeal of the room or entryway.


Single Barn Doors

This just refers to door types that you will often find mounted on single tracks. In a lot of cases, the width of tracks is twice the door’s width.  In addition, you will often find them mounted one the opening’s side.   Because of this, you can access your room without worrying about obstruction when your door is open.

Bi Parting Barn Doors

Bi parting doors are also known as double doors.  These doors make use of two doors that mount on a singular track.  Because of this, the track must be at least twice the total width of both doors.   For instance, if each door has a width of three feet, then the total track should be 12 feet long at least.

The purpose is to have doors slide from the left to the right-hand side when you open them.  The doors will meet in the middle when you close them.


We have an exclusive black barn door handle collection and door pulls at our disposal.  You can easily install them on the door types mentioned above.  Our unique quality and style makes sure that you have several choices when it comes to finishes and themes, our patented matte bronze powder coat, black powder coat, dark bronze finish, and black wrought iron are quite popular among customers.

In case you are not aware, Wild West Hardware exclusively designs black barn door handles that are available nowhere else.  Most of them are created right at home in the United States.

Here are some of our most in demand black barn door handles:

These are just a few of the handles from our extensive black exterior barn door hardware range.  It is unarguably the largest selection of black barn door hardware on the internet.  You will most likely find the type of door handle that you are looking for.


There is no shortage of designs and styles when it comes to Black Barn Door handles.  Sometimes, selecting the right finish can be slightly tricky because of the countless styles to choose from.  That being said, black finishes never go out of fashion as they match almost any type of barn door. Some black finishes also come with other attractive variations.  If you are looking for a finish that lasts long, especially when it comes to outdoor use, go for a powder coat instead of a painted coat.  We can also work with you to design that special barn door handle, so getting in touch with us to share your ideas may well be worth the time.


 Image of a barn door hardware installation
Image of a barn door hardware installation

Image of a barn door hardware installation