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Where to Put the Handle on Your Barn Door

Barn doors are common in many homes and even some businesses are using them for added aesthetics. If you want that rustic feel within your home, a barn door can work wonders in this regard. Do you have an amazing sliding door in your house?  Well, one thing that you may be confronted with is where to place the handle on your barn door. Whether it is a push, pull or sliding door, you’ll have to figure out what suits you best.

If you are wondering about the ideal placement of barn door handles, this article will aide you in making the right decision. There are a variety of factors to consider in this regard. What side to mount it on, how high, how it should be mounted and where to buy it are all elements to bear in mind. Barn handles are unique in their aesthetic and functions and ultimately necessitate consideration since a wrong decision can ruin the overall visual appeal.

Here is everything you should know about placing barn door handles:

Which Side Do You Mount a Handle on Your Barn Door?

Barn door handles are ideally placed on the exterior side of the door (the side you see before entering a room). The flat edge pull handle (referred to as a flush pull or finger pull) is installed on the interior. The door can slide on either side depending on which type of hinge and handle you choose to install. The flush pull allows the door to open completely enabling easier entry and exit from the room. The barn door handles can be placed either on the left or the right side. If you have double barn doors, the typical location of the handles will be on the side where the two doors come together.

Barn Door Handle with Finger Pull

Deciding which side to mount the door handle on can be an issue of personal preferences. Depending on which side your room opens in and which side you have space in, the door handle can go on both the right and left sides of the door. Barn doors can also be pull or push and not just sliding which ultimately provides other options when making the right choice about installation of barn door handles. You can contact a professional installer for more specific information.

How High Should a Barn Door Handle Be?

Standard barn door handles are installed between 34 to 48 inches from the ground. However, this height can vary based on the overall size of the door. If you have a taller door (those higher than 80”) you might have to consider placing the handle higher but there are other things that come into play as well. The average height of people in the house and presence of kids can be some factors that you have to bear in mind when installing barn door handles.

Ideally, door handles shouldn’t be higher than 48 inches as it then becomes extremely inconvenient. Standard contractors place barn door handles at 36 inches but if you are having taller doors installed, you can instruct them to place the handles higher if that is the case. The height of a barn door handle can also depend if you have additional security locks in case the door is placed on the exterior side of the home or structure.

Barn Door Handle Install

Where Do the Handles Go on Interior Barn Doors?

Placing barn door handles is a relatively simple task that doesn’t require a lot of discussion. The ideal height of the door handle is between 36 and 48 inches from the floor. Various manufacturers sell handles that can serve as both pull, push or exterior sliding. On the exterior door, the handle is placed facing outside while the flush pull is installed on the interior. This provides easier mobility and movement for the door at all times.

Even on interior doors, this is the right way to install barn door handles. The sliding mechanism that is common in this type of door can allow for a lot of simplicity. In case you are looking to buy sliding handles or a hardware kit for your barn door, you can check out the entire collection at Wild West Hardware. This Door Pull Round Bar for instance, provides a rustic, Old World theme to your barn door which is amazing and offers a unique tone to your door.

Barn Door Handle HD

How Do Door Handles Work on Barn Doors?

There are different types of barn door handles available from various manufacturers. Each handle has its own characteristics, features, durability and installation style. They can be both functional and aesthetic depending on what your preference is as the owner of the house. You can choose from the wide variety that is available both online and in hardware stores and then decide how to contrast your selection with the overall theme of your home.

A barn door handle or pull allows you to easily open and close the door. It works as a great accessory that goes mostly on the outside to allow ease of operation.  You’ll have to place a recessed handle (like a flush pull or finger pull) on the inside of the door as well. Whether your barn door slides, pulls or pushes the handle can allow people to simply operate it without any effort. It provides you with the convenience and ease that you need on the barn doors in your home.

Where Should I Buy Barn Door Handles From?

There are numerous manufacturers that produce barn door handles using different materials, themes and visuals. These manufacturers can either sell directly through their own online store or you can visit third-party retail hardware stores that are convenient. If you are looking for barn door handles and are more discriminate in your taste, try searching online stores through recommendations from people that you trust.   Our experience in reaching the best selections of barn door handles would be to look online.

Wild West Hardware provides one of the largest selections with the widest range of styles on the Internet.  You can easily find that special barn door handle from their website and access affordable prices along with great quality. With the products at Wild West, you can not only satisfy your personal preferences but also solve other issues quite easily like convenience or ease of access.  All of their barn door handles usually ship within 2 to 3 days if in stock.  If not in stock it may be a bit longer.  A big plus is that many of their Barn Door Handles and Pulls are made in their own shop.