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Decorative Rustic Corner Brackets Installation Guide

You do not have to seek the help of a seasoned professional to create a new shelf with decorative rustic corner brackets. It is an easy process that you can easily accomplish on your own. Plus, you can add to your list of DIY projects to help bring out your creative side and utilize your free time doing something constructive. Rustic corner brackets feature an L-shaped design that is integral in providing support and anchorage to shelves, furniture, and other items that are likely to collapse because of compressive failure or impact damage.

They are available in a wide range of sizes and designs. You will find some with a plain finish while others feature a decorative appeal. Decorative rustic brackets feature elements of beauty that you can use to enhance your home décor.

Of course, you cannot install the brackets with your bare hands. You will need the right hardware as well as a straightforward procedure on how to conduct the installation. Here is a detailed guide on how to installdecorative rustic corner brackets.

Decorative Rustic Corner Bracket

Step 1: Bracket Positioning on the Wall

The first step during the installation of a corner bracket is to get it in a good position on the wall. It helps to keep the shelves symmetrical with the walls of the house. You can use a combination square or level to achieve better accuracy. Mark the precise screw hole positions after finding an ideal location. The markings should not be bigger than the screw diameter to make the process of drilling screw holes seamless. After drilling the holes, put the bracket in the marked spot on the wall and screw it firmly into place.

Step 2: Attaching Brackets to the Shelf

When the corner brackets are in place, you will proceed onto measuring and marking the spots where the shelf will be attached to the brackets. Thereafter, drill holes into the marked spots and attach the shelf to the bracket with screws.

Step 3: Attaching the Shelf to the Wall

Get the shelf onto the surface of the wall and find out if it is leveled accordingly. When everything is in order, you will attach the other bracket to the wall’s surface then bring in the first bracket and secure it on the shelf.

Corner Brackets Installation Tips

Corner brackets feature an L-shaped design with one surface being longer than the other. Therefore, it is advisable to attach the longer surface to the wall and firmly secure it using wall studs if you are looking to create a bracket with maximum strength.

Brackets that are installed to the plaster or wallboard using hollow fasteners are at a high risk of pulling out. Most homes have studs that are separated by a 16-inch interval. While installing shelves meant for heavy loads, it is advisable to secure the brackets with long screws that should be driven into wall studs.

Similarly, the interval between one wall stud and the next when installing shelves for bulky items should be 16 inches. You should maintain the interval at 8 inches for overhangs and 32 inches for shelves meant for light loads.

Installing decorative rustic corner brackets is not rocket science. It is something that you can achieve with minimal effort. Our guide should provide the assistance you need to smoothly go aboutthe bracket installation process.