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What Size Should Appliance Pulls Be?

Appliance pulls are heavy-duty hardware used to open and close hefty cabinets,barn doors, and large appliances, and the correct size and design are necessary for bothfunction and visual appeal.

Whether performing a complete kitchen remodel or making statement updates, our guide to choosing the right size and style of appliance pulls can help you navigate the purchasing process.

Size and Style Factors to Consider When Purchasing Appliance Pulls

Proportion and Ergonomics

Appliance Size: 

Larger appliances naturally require larger pulls. The pull scale should match the appliance to ensure it looks integrated rather than out of place.

Cabinet Size and Style:

The size of your cabinets also plays a role. For example, tall pantry doors might need longer pulls for a balanced look and easier access.

Handling Ease:

Consider who will be using the appliances. The pulls should be easy to grip and operate, particularly in a busy kitchen environment where ease of use is paramount.

Style and Design

Design Consistency:

The design of your appliance pulls should integrate seamlessly with your kitchen style and other hardware. Appliance pulls come in every style, from modern to classic, sofinding a design that fits your aesthetic is simple.

Finish and Material:

The finish and material of your appliance pulls should complement your kitchen style, but functionality andlongevity should also be considered. For example, stainless steel pulls hold up well against moisture, which is prevalent in kitchens.

Common Appliance Pull Sizes

  • Refrigerators and Freezers: 12 to 18 inches
  • Dishwashers and Trash Compactors: 6 to 12 inches
  • Oversized Panels and Closets: 18 to 24 inches. Some are more oversized, depending on the door height.

How to Measure for Appliance Pulls

  1. Measure the Appliance Door. Start by measuring the length of the door. A good rule of thumb is to choose a pull that is one-third of the door’s height.

  2. Consider the Mounting Points. Most appliance pulls are installed at the top third or center of the door for ease of access. Ensure the pulls you choose can be mounted in these positions.
  3. Check Clearances. Ensure there is enough space around the appliance pull. This includes clearance from other kitchen elements and enough space to grasp the handle comfortably.

Final Words

With this information onappliance pull sizes and styles, you are ready to purchase the best option for your home!Contact Wild West Hardware to place an order or get answers to additional questions.