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Farmhouse Hardware

Step into the charm of country living with the Farmhouse Hardware collection from Wild West Hardware. Inspired by the quaint allure of rural life, our pieces are crafted with an authentic country feel that reflects the peaceful outdoors and the timeless, homely designs of farmhouses. 

Our farmhouse hardware pieces are made from robust materials, like wrought iron, and showcase natural finishes and earthy tones, like old silver and oil-rubbed bronze, embodying a country home's warmth and comfort. 

If you are in search of authentic farmhouse cabinet hardware, our selection boasts classic cabinet pulls, engraved knobs, and iron cabinet hinges that perfectly complement the wooden textures and soft color palettes of farmhouse interiors.

For those eager to maximize farmhouse appeal and space savings, explore our farmhouse door hardware, including barn door hardware kits and barn door handles crafted from solid iron and brass. 

To amplify your home's exterior farmhouse charm, install shutter hinges and radiate a cozy, lived-in feeling characteristic of this style. Our hardware selection includes shutter hinges and shutter dogs that are perfect for this project. 

Immerse yourself in the serene nature of countryside living with our Farmhouse Hardware collection and experience how this style can make every house feel more like home!

Fancy or Plain Cabin Hook from $ 10.45 USD
4" Plain Cabin Hook from $ 12.95 USD
LEVER Latchset - Fleur de Lis Style from $ 37.75 USD $ 89.25 USD