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Wild West Hardware’s Modern Hardware collection reflects contemporary design's sleek, minimalist allure and is inspired by those who embrace a less is more approach. Simple lines, geometric shapes, and a clean, understated aesthetic characterize our selection. 

This collection features materials like stainless steel, brushed nickel, and chrome, providing durable hardware options that maintain their appearance and integrity over time. The finishes of our modern hardware, ranging from matte black to polished chrome, complement any contemporary interior. 

If you’re updating your kitchen or bathroom with modern cabinet hardware, our selection of square-style cabinet pulls and radius cabinet knobs provide the streamlined appearance the modern style is known for. Our floating shelf wall mounts also make aesthetic additions to 

Homeowners aiming to revamp their entrances with modern door hardware can explore our array of smooth door pulls and levers, designed with a modern flair and safety in mind. You can enhance the modernity and security further with square door viewers. 

For those who appreciate a DIY project, installing modern floating shelf hardware is the perfect opportunity to create more storage space in your kitchen, living room, or entryway without sacrificing style. 

Shop our Modern Hardware collection and find the seamless blend of innovation and design you’ve been searching for! 

Plain Ring Pull from $ 27.50 USD
Asian Style Grille $ 47.59 USD
Classic Push Plate $ 53.05 USD
Plain Ring Pull from $ 28.32 USD
Arrow Ring Door Knocker from $ 59.46 USD
Arrow Ring Door Knocker from $ 59.46 USD