What are clavos?

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Clavos or clavo is a Spanish word for "nails" or "nail".  Clavos are basically used to decorate doors, gates, cabinets and other wooden items.  "Decorative nails" is another phrase that may be used to describe what clavos are.  Whether you call them clavos, rustic nails, decorative nails, rustic nail heads, the meaning is basically the same.  

There is a difference between clavos and decorative furniture tacks.  Clavos that are used on doors and gates will have a sturdy nail rather than a thin nail as with furniture "tacks".  Wild West Hardware carries only the sturdy type of clavos.  Ours are made from several different materials, including hand-forged iron, zinc alloy, cast iron, steel and solid copper.  The different materials allow for different uses.  For interior applications you can use any of our premium clavos that fits your taste since you would not have to be concerned with them rusting or allowing moisture to accumulate beneath.  Our zinc alloy type, which are the premium clavos will not rust and are perfect for outdoor or indoor applications.  

We also carry some clavos with a stainless steel screw.   This type is perfect for outdoors, coastal areas, wet or humid areas.  These high quality clavos not only have the best rust resistant properties but have the grabbing and holding power of a screw.  The screw type will also give you the option of removing them to re-finish wood, if necessary.  

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What are clavos?

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