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Exterior Shutter Hinges 101: Top FAQs Answered

Shutters are a timeless addition to any home, offering visual interest for passersby or potential buyers while providing functional benefits like heightened privacy and protection from outdoor elements.

The key to keeping your exterior shutters well-maintained and working perfectly is a seemingly minor detail: high-qualityshutter hinges and hardware.

Shutter hinges are the backbone of shutters, but with so many shutter hinge types, materials, and installation methods available, it's not uncommon for homeowners to have some questions.

Thankfully, the experts at Wild West Hardware have the answers!

So, whether you're renovating an old home, building a new one, or simply curious about the mechanics behind the hinges that keep shutters swinging, welcome to Exterior Shutter Hinges 101!

Let’s dive into your most frequently asked questions about exterior shutter hinges.

1. What Are Shutter Hinges?

Shutter hinges are specialized types of hinges designed specifically for shutters. 

They ensure shutters open and close smoothly, providing homes with security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal.

2. What Types Of Shutter Hinges Are There?

There are various types of shutter hinges sold at Wild West Hardware, including:

3. How Many Hinges Do Shutters Need?

The number of hinges shutters need depends on the size and weight of the shutters.

Typically, small to medium shutters require two hinges. 

However, taller and heavier shutters might need three hinges, including a midrange hinge, for added support.

4. What Is Shutter Throw?

Shutter throw refers to the distance from the front of the closed shutter where the hinge will mount to the distance point the shutter will have to clear. 

Measuring the throw accurately ensures the shutter opens and closes without obstructions.

5. How Do I Measure For Shutter Throw?

To measure for shutter throw, measure from the front surface of the closed shutter, where the hinge is attached, to the furthest point the shutter must pass.

6. What Does Offset Mean On Shutter Hinges?

Offset means the distance between the shutter's surface and the frame's surface when the shutter is closed. 

Offset is crucial for shutters that close into a window opening, allowing them to open without hitting the window trim.

Types of offset on shutter hinges

  • Flush Offset
  • Flush offset means the pivot point of the hinge is perfectly aligned with the window frame when the shutter is closed, so there is no offset.

  • Positive Offset
  • The offset of a shutter hinge is positive when it extends beyond the window frame when the shutter is closed.

  • Negative Offset
  • A negative offset means the shutter is embedded in the window frame when the shutters are closed.

    7. What's The Difference Between Offset and Throw? 

    The difference between offset and throw is their role in shutter hinge installation.

    Offset refers to the bend in the hinge, while throw refers to the distance a shutter needs to clear when opened or closed.

    8. How Do I Choose Shutter Hinges?

    You can choose shutter hinges based on the following factors:

    Choose a Shutter Type

    Thetypes of exterior shutters you choose will heavily impact the type of shutter hinges you will need.

    Set a Budget

    Wild West Hardware sells high-quality shutter hinges in various materials at prices to fit every budget.

    Your Home’s Aesthetics

    The style of your home should be considered when choosing shutter hinges.

    Simple strap hinges with matte finishes are visually striking on modern homes.

    Traditionalmortise hinges complement traditional homes well.

    Consider Window Trim

    Factors like window trim, the window opening, and the position of open shutters will determine the ideal hinge type.

    Mortise hinges work well with wood trim windows, whereas strap shutter hinges are most effective for non-wood trim windows.

    Calculate the Offset 

    Determine the offset after measuring the throw.

    The hinge and pintle offset should be less than or equal to the throw.

    9. Where Should Shutter Hinges Be Placed?

    Hinges should be placed in varying positions depending on the type of shutter and its functionality.

    For shutters that close into the window opening, hinges with an offset are often required.

    10. How Do You Install Shutter Hinges?

    You can install shutter hinges easily with our in-depth guide on How to Install Shutter Hinges.

    11. What Are Pintles?

    Pintles are the pins on which the shutter hinge rotates. 

    There are various types of pintles sold at Wild West Hardware:

    Each type of pintle is designed for specific mounting surfaces.

    12. How Do I Choose The Right Pintle For My Shutter?

    You can choose the right pintle for your shutter by considering the mounting surface and the type of shutter you have.

    13. What Are Shutter Dogs?

    Shutter dogs are accessories that hold shutters open against the wind. Other names for shutter dogs include shutter tie-backs or hold-backs. 

    Shutter dogs are typically installed at the outer bottom corner of an open shutter and are weighted at the bottom to ensure they stay in place. 

    They overlap the bottom of the shutter but can rotate out of the way when you want to close it.

    14. What Accessories Can Be Added to Shutter Hinges?

    In addition to shutter dogs, the following accessories can be added to shutter hinges to enhance functionality and visual appeal.

    Ring pulls

    Ring pulls are functional and decorative accessories that allow you to pull and hold a shutter closed from inside your home.

    They are mounted on the lower part of the back of the shutter, towards the middle of the window.

    Slide bolts

    Slide bolts are accessories that hold shutters closed from inside your home. 

    The best mounting position is usually on the bottom half of the shutters. They provide added security and ensure the shutters remain in place during strong winds.

    Final Words

    Understanding exterior shutter hinges and accessories is crucial for installing and maintaining shutters. 

    Shop Wild West Hardware today and find the best shutter hinges to ensure your shutters look great and function seamlessly.